I've lately been spending my working hours getting up and running. And now its here! The web release was friday 9th, and the first printed newspaper came out today.

All the design was delivered to us from apt, but we implemented the design and controllers inhouse. And I'm almost a bit proud to say that this has become one of the most visually and user friendly news sites on the web.

Rechargenews will deliver news and editorials on renewable energy - an important issue in today. And it is my hope that it will influence people to make choiches that will lead to a habitable planet in the future.

Using scrum on this project has made us able to deliver on time, and with an acceptable feature set. More will surely come in the future, but the important bits are already there.

This release marked the end of my commitment for this project at this time, and I will be moving my attention to the new work that needs to be done to - the leading financial news site in Norway.

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