No meetings with one-day deploy

After attending Kent Becks talk on JavaZone I fell into a discussion with a fellow programmer about Becks claim that on one day deploys you have to get rid of standup meetings (its about 53 minutes in).

The fellow argued that we should get rid of the standup meetings all together, regardless of iteration length. However. I think this is missing the purpose of the daily standup - to get all shareholders in the know.

You need a daily standup meeting if your iteration is a week or longer. The business model might have changed and there is usually a misunderstanding about the requirements or two. Also it's kinda handy to know about the progress on the project for all people involved. These are just some of the things that crop up under a daily standup.

However, when going to daily deploy, or even hourly deploy we just created ourselves a new information channel. The product itself.

We get instant feedback about the features that were implemented by all the users of the product. Either coming in over the phone, email or by tracking statistics.

So yeah, there is a solution for all the programmers that are grudging the daily standup, or all those other meetings: daily deploys.

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